How to Get Involved

A Forum for Discussion

The Canadian lobster industry is complex and involves many moving parts that must come together for participants to be successful. With thousands of individual harvesters, hundreds of dealers and buyers on the shore and hundreds of processors, live shippers and exporters, it is vital that there be an organization that brings these diverse factions together on a regular basis. The Lobster Council of Canada (LCC) provides a forum where issues impacting the lobster sector can be discussed and action taken to support the continued growth of the industry and economic well being of its participants.

Members of the LCC find that having a chance to sit around the table brings them new perspective and enhances their understanding of their business and how they fit in the big picture. It is vital that companies and associations join the LCC as membership dues are now the cornerstone of the organizations funding package and will continue to grow as governments slow down and discontinue providing core funding. The LCC provides dues options for individual, associate, dealers/buyers, processors/live shippers and harvester organizations. Click here for more information about membership.