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Support Four Seasons Chef Ned Bell as he raises awareness for sustainable ocean practices

Go Lobster Campaign in Summerside

Go Lobster Campaign 

The PEI Fall Flavours Culinary Festival

September 5 – 28, 2014

Enjoy the authentic tastes and traditions of Prince Edward Island with Fall Flavours Culinary Festival to be held on PEI on September 5-28th. Click here for more information.

Off the Beaten Palate Wins Emmy Award

Off the Beaten Palate has received an EMMY AWARD from NATAS (National Academy of Television, Arts & Science), though the Michigan Emmy Chapter. Its three-part series was broadcast on Detroit Public Television-PBS, June, 2013. The awards to took place on June 14, 2014 in Detroit. Congratulations to Michael Ann Rowe, and LCC member for this outstanding award!

Get Your Eat On Event – June 27th

Get your eat on

Did you know that in the early 19th century lobster was known as the poor man’s food and it was often noted in work agreements that servants would not be fed lobster more than twice a week? Things have changed a bit since then; Michelin-star chef Cristina Bowerman is excited to work with Nova Scotian lobster as part of her Italian-inspired-local menu.

For our opening night at the Stadacona Drill Shed, Chef Cristina Bowerman, one of 10 women in the world who holds a Michelin star, has pulled together an eclectic mix of common and uncommon ingredients for a four-course meal. Have you ever tried natstrium or spicy chorizo powder, how about pairing it with lobster? Well, there’s a chance you will find these culinary items alongside some of Nova Scotia’s more traditional offerings being served up on June 27.

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, Chef Ed Cotton knows good seafood. Aboard HMCS Preserver, on June 28, Chef Ed Cotton will be working with some of Nova Scotia’s award-winning ingredients thanks to our biggest partner, Louisburg Seafoods. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings he’ll be using, red fish, mussels, and what’s been named the world’s best snow crab as part of his maritime menu. For all you meat lovers out there, fear not Chef Ed will also be working with Nova Scotia beef tenderloin. Rounding out the meal, Chef Ed will be using haskap berries as part of the desert. If you haven’t tried haskap berries, you are in for a treat. Not only are they delicious, they are full of antioxidants- apparently three times more than high bush blueberries!

How do you like to blend together the best of Nova Scotia’s summer harvest? Using seasonal ingredients, Right Some Good local Chef Matt MacIsaac, also chef and general manager of Krave Burger has created the perfect summer salad that will compliment almost any meal.

Happy grilling. If you feel like taking the night off cooking on June 27 or June 28, treat yourself and buy tickets for a Right Some Good dinner HERE.

These spectacular dinners, are one-of-a-kind nights, never to be repeated!

Live Lobster Asia Bound

Halifax Sends Live Lobster to Asia

Lobster marketing wars? Canada launches effort to develop unique Canadian lobster brand

Maine lobster 2014

A Maine business website recently promoted the news about the Canadian lobster brand identity project, which is similar to work already underway to brand Maine lobster.

Read the Maine Business Insider article.

Brand DNA workshop brings together lobster think tank

Brand Workshop Jan16 _SMALL

Building a story that shares ‘the heart and soul’ of the Canadian lobster industry

On January 16, task group members representing the live lobster and lobster processing sectors and government partners from across Atlantic Canada were tasked to ‘think lobster’ while discussing the future brand identity for Canadian lobster.

In late 2013, the Lobster Council of Canada chose Revolve, an award-winning brand agency, boasting more than 28 years of experience, to help develop a Canadian lobster brand identity. As one of the first required steps, the task group participated in Revolve’s Brand DNA Workshop. The Revolve team, who have worked with such clients as Atlantic Lotto, Polaris, and Kohler Windows, guided a discussion on what visuals and key messages best depict a strong Canadian lobster brand that can be used in both domestic and international markets.

Brand task group members who participated in the discussions included:

  • Jeff Malloy (Acadian Fish Co-op) and president of the Lobster Council of Canada
  • Laura Ramsey (PEIFA)
  • Jonathan Sears (RI Smith)
  • Gordon MacDonald (LFA30)
  • Stewart Lamont (Tangier Lobster)
  • Eugene O’Leary (Guysborough County Inshore Fishermen’s Association)
  • Marie-France Thibodeau (Gourmet Chef Packers)
  • Robert MacDonald (Gidney Fisheries)
  • Sebastian Manago (Government representative from Prince Edward Island)
  • Adrienne Grosweiner (Government representative from New Brunswick)
  • Scott Hoskins (Government representative from Nova Scotia)
  • Jennifer Walsh (Government representative from Newfoundland and Labrador)

Learn about the Lobster Council’s ongoing work with Revolve Branding to build a national lobster brand identity.

CFRN Lobster Node General Assembly

The Canadian Fisheries Research Network Lobster Node General Assembly is being held this week in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

On January 14, the group focused on presentations from academics and graduate students as well as an interesting presentation from Past President of the Lobster Council of Canada, Leonard Leblanc.  The network is now engaged in a period of planning to review what type of research should be undertaken in the coming years.

Since its inception in 2008 the network has focused mainly on questions of lobster stock structure and connectivity.  The group spent some time late in the day brainstorming about future research with many suggesting that the research must be practical and focused on real issues.  Many said that it should support marketability and issues of market access that are important to the lobster sector.  Issues like global warming and the impact on lobster populations, data collection and the importance to the exporting community and fisheries management, any conditions that come from the MSC process, continued vigilance in managing fishing interaction with Right Whales and matters of lobster husbandry were discussed.

The CFRN Lobster Node meetings continue today.

Lobster Council plans profiled in Maine lobster newsletter

Maine Lobster

An article by Geoff Irvine was published in the January 2014 edition of the Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance.

The Maine newsletter-january-2014 is available on page 3.