Canadian Lobster Brand

The Canadian Lobster industry launched a new and compelling brand position and logo built as the result of extensive industry reflection and feedback.  The brand is built on four core values: Place, People, Product and Process, and achieves focus from a defined Vision, Mission and Promise and is outlined in the two documents below.

To build awareness of the brand which positions Canadian Lobster as the best lobster in the world, industry stakeholders are encouraged to download and use the logos and to incorporate the brand value text whenever possible and appropriate in their own marketing initiatives.

The goal of building a strong Canadian lobster brand is to stabilize prices through smart marketing  ̶  so that key audiences are motivated by premier quality and not strictly price when buying lobster. Further, the industry wants to attract new audiences who will seek out lobster ̶ Canadian lobster ̶ to sell at their stores, add to their restaurant menus and to prepare at home.

This is the industry’s opportunity to build belief in the Canadian Lobster brand and to support marketing efforts of the industry and member provinces.