The Lobster Council of Canada has prepared some resources for you to learn more about Canadian lobster, including information about the fishery, lobster nutrition facts, lobster biology, and more.

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About the Fishery
How lobsters get from the sea to your distributor.

Sustainable Fishery
How Canada’s lobster industry is sustainable through conservation efforts, sustainable management practices, and environmental responsibility.

Nutrition Facts
The nutrition information for a Canadian lobster. What vitamins you can get from lobsters, how many calories are in them, and more.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance
How you can be confident that Canadian lobster is safe and of the highest quality.

Sourcing Lobster
Where can you get your hands on a delicious Canadian lobster.

Facts & Figures
Did you know that the largest lobster ever caught was reported to be approximately 44 pounds and up to 65 years old?

Handling Lobster
How to purchase, handle, and get a lobster ready for eating.

Lobster Biology
The biology, physiology, classification, and habitats of Canadian lobsters.

Lobster Terms
There are a lot of different ways of describing lobster and the lobster industry. Here you can learn all the different terms and phrases.

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