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Lobster Nutrition

A long-celebrated delicacy, our much-beloved King of Seafood is also a low-calorie, high-protein choice as ideal for our bodies as it is for great gatherings.

Canadian lobster is low in fat and carbohydrates and high in protein. It has less saturated fat, calories and cholesterol than lean favourites such as pork, extra lean beef, and white meat chicken. At less than 100 calories per serving (with 89% of those calories from protein and only 5% from fat), Canadian lobster is a great choice for any diet.

  • Lobster contains just 1/10th of the saturated fats of white meat turkey, with cholesterol only slightly higher than salmon.
  • Lobster contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • Lobster is one of the best proteins for people seeking to lower their fat or carbohydrate intake.
  • Canadian lobster is high in vitamin B12, an excellent source of copper and selenium and a good source of phosphorus.

In Canada, we stagger our lobster seasons throughout 41 lobster fishing areas to take advantage of the unique moulting periods of particular waters. This helps us ensure the majority of our harvested lobsters are hard-shelled, which preserves the most ideal taste and nutritional value.

It’s rare to enjoy such a delicious treat virtually guilt-free. As long as you cut back on the side of melted butter—try using lemon or any number of low-fat sauce alternatives instead—Canadian lobster is an ideal choice for great health, great taste, shared meals, and memories.

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