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Together, all our boats rise.

With thousands of individual harvesters, hundreds of dealers and buyers on the shore and hundreds of processors, live shippers and exporters, the lobster sector is a complex balance of interests and voices. As members of the Lobster Council of Canada (LCC), we convene for fresh perspectives, solutions, and a clear understanding of how we all contribute to the big picture.

Membership is the cornerstone of our effectiveness. We provide options for individual, associate, dealers/buyers, processors/live shippers and harvester organizations to join us at the table.

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We work with our governments to protect and promote Canadian lobster

The Lobster Council of Canada (LCC) collaborates with federal and provincial government officials, connecting across departments to manage challenges and opportunities.

  • We provide input on public policy, legislation, and regulation
  • We analyze the implications and advantages of government initiatives to keep LCC members informed
  • We advance strategies and tactics for positive change in the Canadian lobster sector
  • We have a clear understanding of which level and department is responsible for a given regulation, piece of legislation or activity, and may need our input or influence
  • We are a voice for the lobster sector, reaching the right people at the right time

The lobster sector at the federal level

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) – formerly Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

As it relates to our industry, Global Affairs Canada promotes international trade. We work with GAC to mitigate international market access issues such as the recent Swedish EU petition on invasive species. We promote Canadian lobster with the help of their team of Trade Commissioners in Europe and Asia.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) manages our fisheries and safeguards its waters. Since resource management is the exclusive domain of harvesters, the LCC does not generally get involved in the oversight of our fisheries, but we partner with DFO’s External Relations division for a more complete picture of market access issues that involve international trading partners. This includes the new Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) and the Marine Mammal Act in the United States.

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada works to make our Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector more competitive, innovative and sustainable. Under its Growing Forward 2 program, AAFC is responsible for seafood marketing and promotion program funding. If approved, this program matches the promotional funding of national industry groups. If the lobster sector can come up with one dollar, GF2 will match for approved marketing initiatives.

As a member of the Canada brand program, the LCC partners with AAFC to provide brand support for those exporters who want to highlight the Canadian origin of their products. We also work extensively with their Trade Show Promotion team on events in Asia and Europe.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency oversees our animal and plant-based food supply to ensure the health and well-being of Canada’s people, environment and economy. We work with the CFIA on matters affecting lobster health, including international agreements and regulations.

Health Canada

Health Canada is committed to making our population among the healthiest in the world as measured by longevity, lifestyle and effective use of the public healthcare system. Canadian lobster processors work with Health Canada to understand nutritional labelling requirements for their products.

Transport Canada

Transport Canada promotes safe, secure, efficient and environmentally-responsible transportation, including the ship safety and air cargo safety regulations that impact our sector.

The lobster sector as a regional community

The LCC works with the five provincial governments that comprise our country’s lobster industry to regulate and license shore buyers, regulate harvester organization and mandatory dues, promote seafood from our region, conduct quality assurance, and manage fisheries loan boards and financing programs.

Other programs that are specific to each province can be found as follows:

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