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Sourcing Lobster

On the Atlantic Canadian seaside, lobster boats come in with their catch throughout the morning. After offloading, the catch is processed or graded for live storage within hours of being taken from the sea. Our standard of product variety and quality is unparalleled.

Canada supplies more than half of the world’s hard-shelled Atlantic Lobster. Our system of Lobster Fishing Areas, developed over decades of research on sustainability and best handling practices, ensures product availability every day of the year.

There are hundreds of Canadian lobster products available worldwide, from live lobster to processed options like frozen tails and frozen lobster meat. The only limit is your creativity!

For consumers:

Canadian lobster is a menu favourite around the world. If you’re curious to find out origins, call ahead to a local restaurant to find out if the lobster they carry is Canadian.

If you’re interested in trying Canadian lobster at home, talk to your local fish seller about the types of Canadian lobster they carry. Many will have live lobster available in tanks or can point you to frozen options that make cooking with Canadian lobster simple and delicious.

For the Trade:

Processors offer a wide variety of lobster products including the most popular frozen whole cooked/blanched, frozen tails, lobster meat in fresh or frozen formats and High Pressure Processed products that are ready to prepare for retail and foodservice. If you place orders early and with regularity, you’ll have a guaranteed supply packed just as you and your customers prefer it, any time of year.

  • Ask your distributor about seasonal availability, product specifications, their stability of supply, and contracts with processors. A good supplier will be instantly knowledgeable, willing to discuss handling and storage techniques and answering all your questions. We’re happy to help you connect with the right supplier for you.
  • Outside Canada, contact the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate, where Trade Commissioners will be pleased to help you source products or find a Canadian supplier. They’ll also be well-versed in the rules and transportation options applicable to your needs.
  • Be ready to learn about the many different processing options available to you when approaching a distributor or processor, and let them know exactly what you’d ideally need. Many will custom-pack to your specifications.
  • If one distributor cannot fill your requirements, try another. Connecting with the right supplier is worth the effort—they’re always happy to help.

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