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About Us


The Lobster Council of Canada was established in 2009 to unite all contributors and partners in promoting and advocating for the Canadian lobster industry—one of the world’s most respected, prolific, and proudest fisheries.

Together, harvesters, live shippers, processors, First Nations, and governments advance the value and sustainability of their work and their region:

  • We address challenges in the industry and take action to make positive change
  • We work to strengthen our international position and grow our capacity to meet the demands of global markets
  • We advise on issues of sustainability certification, food safety, and traceability
  • We coordinate marketing initiatives regionally, nationally and internationally
  • We lead industry/government relations for a shared understanding of our sector’s challenges and opportunities
  • We facilitate innovation to improve returns and efficiency throughout our sector

Structure and Funding

The Lobster Council of Canada (LCC) Board of Directors is composed of 22 Board members— ten from the processing and live shipping sectors, ten from the harvesting sector (see below), and two from the First Nation community.

The Executive Committee is the Board’s standing committee. Other Ad-hoc committees or working groups are established from time to time to carry out certain tasks or make recommendations to the Board on specific issues.

Elected officers of the LCC include the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board Chair and Executive Director are ex-officio members of all committees.


The Lobster Council of Canada is incorporated as a not for profit corporation under part 2 of the Canada Corporations Act. The association derives its funding from projects and from our members in the form of membership dues.

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